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High School Guidance

As a 9th and 10th grade dean, I see graduates from many local elementary and middle schools. The San Francisco School graduates stand out as intellectually curious, able to make connections across disciplines, are confident public speakers and, above all, seem very much themselves. The San Francisco School graduates are accomplished but are still very fresh and real. They are a pleasure to teach.”
-- Faculty/Administrator at a Bay Area Independent School

For many, the high school application process can seem overwhelming. The good news is that there is a broad spectrum of options for students looking for good high schools in the Bay Area. Our students attend a variety of independent, parochial, charter and public schools for their secondary school experience.

The role of the high school guidance counselor at The San Francisco School is to gently guide both students and their families through the application process by providing timely and relevant information as well as individual counseling to help identify the best fit for each student. Virtually all San Francisco School graduates are accepted into one of their top choices for high schools and most successfully test out of at least one of their 1st year high school course requirements.

The high school counseling process begins with an informational meeting with students and their parents/guardians in the spring of seventh grade. Families are met with individually to discuss their child and the various high school options available to them. They are also provided with application process information and guidance.

The Director of High School Guidance also offers:

  • Information about Bay Area high schools and upcoming high school open house events
  • An Application Toolkit with organizational tools, information and calendars
  • Details about standardized testing
  • Timely email bulletins
  • Experienced, individualized counseling throughout the process
  • Management and distribution of recommendation letters, test scores and transcripts.

High schools attended by SFS graduates in the past four years

Independent Parochial Public/ Charter
  • Bay
  • Drew
  • International
  • Lick-Wilmerding
  • Menlo
  • University
  • Urban
  • Waldorf
  • Convent
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Prepartory
  • Saint Ignatius Preparatory
  • Stuart Hall
  • Balboa
  • Gateway
  • Leadership
  • Lowell
  • Mission
  • Metro Arts & Tech
  • School of the Arts
  • Terra Nova


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