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Wednesday What’s Happening

Chris Mader MS Head October 12, 2016

Hello MS Families,

I hope this note finds you and your middle-schooler a bit rejuvenated after a long weekend.  It was wonderful to have teachers together for yesterday’s teacher workshop day to meet as an entire staff from the three divisions. It was great to not only check in with each other, but to do some amazing collaborative work spanning the divisions. There is palpable, enthusiastic energy amongst the staff towards collaborating in several areas. Ongoing curriculum work across the divisions happened in areas of Spanish scope and sequence, math curriculum from PS through eighth grade and building on the work with Miguel Lopez to hone and refine curriculum with an eye towards diversity and social justice in both elementary and middle school.

In each of the three MS Humanities classes, students have been designing and creating their ‘Postcards of Protest’. A guided inquiry project where students explore areas as diverse as the state of community policing to pitbull fighting. Students explore areas of social justice they are interested in, research the topic and draft a postcard to an influential person or organization to voice their position on the subject. In addition to the postcard project, the sixth graders are wrapping up their ‘DYOC’ (Design Your Own Country) projects with Erika. The finished maps students create are always wonderful and will be displayed in the front hallway in the weeks ahead.

This week SFS will be celebrating Latino Heritage month with presentations in Town Meeting on Friday and work showcased in the Karen Shultz Goodkin gallery in the school reception area. The Latino Heritage Elective has been working to organize and prepare the celebration this week. As part of this celebration, the Diversity Committee and Latino Family affinity group will be providing lunch for all middle schoolers. You do not need to send your child with a lunch that day!

We are excited to let you know that Chalk Up, our school’s learning management system, is up and running. Chalk Up is the tool teachers use to post assignments, ongoing projects and upcoming assessments. Students use Chalk Up to access class calendars and assignments. You are encouraged to log in to Chalk Up, using your students log in credentials, to support your student in tracking projects and assignments in each of their classes. Teachers are expected to post assignments and assessments in a timely manner, preferably at the beginning of the week, in order for students to plan the week ahead. If you have problems logging in to Chalk Up, please contact SFS Tech Support at

Be on the lookout for notes from last week’s presentation from Common Sense Media. In spite of the Giants wildcard playoff game that evening, the turnout was quite good and the conversation around tween and teen social media use was rich and robust. Christina Hughes and I will pool our notes and send them along to everyone.


‘Wednesday What’s Happening’ will be posted every other week.

Posted October 12, 2016