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2018 Middle School Summer Notes

Please take a look below for lunch guidelines and summer assignments for middle school students.

Happy summer! We have compiled some important information and summer assignments for each Middle School grade. For more details regarding each of these assignments, please contact the Front Desk, as there are copies of assignments available if needed. The teachers either emailed detailed instructions or provided students with hard copies at the end of the year.

Zero and Low Waste Lunch at SFS

At The San Francisco School we strive toward creating a greener, more earth friendly campus. One big step is creating a zero (or low) waste lunch system. An average American student creates 67 pounds of lunchtime waste per school year. For an entire school, the amount becomes staggering. Please help us minimize food and packaging waste by packing waste-free or low-waste lunches.

Guidelines for packing a lunch

Summer Assignments 

As the summer goes by, here are a few general things we thought would be useful to remind families about before we see you again in August. 

a. Read, Read, Read:  There’s nothing that helps a student with their ability to grow as a writer and overall vocabulary development than reading.  Encourage your child to read throughout the summer, listen to interesting podcasts, read together as a family, listen to audio books, etc.

b. Digital Time:  As a family, you will decide how much time (or if your child has at all) any digital time (social media, texting, snapchat, DMing via Instagram, gaming, etc).  We cannot stress enough that this is the time to ENGAGE with your children around their digital world. If you are allowing them to have a phone, we encourage you to be in open dialogue with them about how to use the mobile phone (or any other device) responsibly, which may include regular check-ins and monitoring by you as parents/guardians.  They need our active guidance about how to interact, how to be a friend, how to stop someone from saying something mean or excluding others – because they are not always aware of how/what they are saying or that what someone else is saying may be hurtful. We are school partners with Common Sense Media and they can be a good resource to use for support in this area.  The link included takes you to a page that has “Family Media Agreements” and the “Customizable Device Contract” which can both serve as ways to frame digital time in the summer for your family - particularly given your children likely have more independent time.  And if you have a “contract” for the school year, consider reviewing it for the summer since time demands may be different this time of year.

c.  Work / Chores:  While summer is a time for play, it also can be a time for your children to fulfill a distinct role with your family regarding helping out.  Having set chores or a summer job (even volunteering) can be a great way to help your child maintain a schedule, take ownership of a responsibility, continue the process of what it feels like to get feedback on their work and then try again, etc.  If your child already has chores in the school year, then consider new ones that are more complex since they likely have more time.

Rising 6th Grade 

6th Grade Summer Math Letter

6th Grade Summer Reading Letter 

6th Grade Supply List

Rising 7th Grade 

7th Grade Summer Math Letter

7th Grade Summer Humanities Letter

7th Grade Supply List 

Rising Eighth Grade

8th Grade Summer Math Letter

8th Grade Summer Reading Letter

8th Grade Supply List

Zinn’s People’s History Intro & Chapter 1

Embracing the Periodic Table of Elements 


Posted June 27, 2018