Inside SFS

Steve Holman

Chair, Advancement Committee
Member, Executive Committee
Parent of 6th Grader and 3rd Grader

Steve and his wife Lamisse Droubi, joined the SFS community in 2010.  They have a daughter (Nyla) in 5th grade and a son (Hayes) in 2nd grade.  Steve is an attorney and founding partner at Clean Energy Counsel, a specialized law firm focused on the renewable energy industry, where he works with clients to develop and finance solar and other clean energy projects.

Inspired by the school’s community, culture and mission, Steve is committed to contributing his experience to the Board of Trustees in order to promote the vision, philosophy and social values that make SFS so special.

Steve has served as Trustee since September 2015 and currently serves as chair of the Advancement Committee.  Lamisse has served as a dedicated school tour guide in support of Admissions for nearly every year their family has been at SFS.