Inside SFS

Anne Hipskind Roberts

Chair, Board of Trustees
Parent of 4th Grader and 2nd Grader

Anne has a deep love for The San Francisco School and is profoundly inspired by what the school offers to students, parents, and staff. As a social worker in the field of education, she has spent her career working toward equity, safety, and inclusion in the school setting. She has primarily worked with young people, providing them the support and opportunities they need to be agents of change in their own communities. Recently, she has turned her focus to the social-emotional needs of educators, building their resilience and efficacy in the classroom.

Anne finds it an honor to serve on the SFS Board of Trustees and brings both a strategic systems’ vision and an understanding of a school’s operational needs. She has a profound appreciation for the mission of The San Francisco School as it aligns with her personal and professional values.