Inside SFS

Anne Hipskind Roberts

Chair-Elect, Board of Trustees
Parent of Third Grader and First Grader

Anne has been living and working in the Bay Area since 1995, working in the field of community development and education. She spent her early professional years in domestic violence prevention and currently works as a Restorative Practices Coach for SFUSD. Anne has primarily worked with young people, providing them the support and opportunities they need to be agents of change in their own communities. She is able to maintain a systems vision while driving program strategy. Some of Anne’s most significant achievements have been:

  • Supporting the San Mateo County Youth Commission to conduct the first youth-led research to inform the annual San Mateo County Adolescent Report;
  • Receiving the San Mateo County Kent Award for leading the Community School Initiative in Cabrillo Unified School District.

Anne and her husband Tim Roberts are parents of a Third Grader and a First Grader. She has served as Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee and will begin her term as Chair of the Board of Trustees in February 2018.