Inside SFS

Anton Honikman

Chair, Finance Committee
Member, Executive Committee
Parent of 5th Grader and 2nd Grader

Anton Honikman and his wife, Jessica Lindl, joined The San Francisco School community in 2013. They are the proud parents of two SFS students, and are deeply committed to the School’s values and mission. This has manifested in Anton’s committee and Board involvement, and Jessica’s ongoing engagement as a tour guide, room parent, and participation in the School’s STEAM Think Tank.

Anton has served as a Trustee since 2014 and currently chairs the Finance Committee, while also serving on the Compensation Committee. Through this avenue he has observed the challenges and opportunities faced by SFS more closely. Achieving a balance between financial sustainability with affordability for families and employees, while maintaining socio-economic diversity and ensuring a dynamic, contemporary program, is a complex set of trade-offs Anton is passionate about impacting.

Anton is CEO of MyVest, a financial technology company. His career has been focused on investment management and financial technology. He earned a Bachelor of Business Science with honors in financial economics and applied statistics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.