Inside SFS

Fro Rosqueta

Chair, Diversity Committee
Member, Executive Committee
Parent of 6th grader and Alumnus (2017)

Fro and his wife Sheila Cahill, are proud parents to Susanna, class of ’21, and Roel, class of ’17. Fro is the chair of the Diversity Committee, Sheila works in the school kitchen, and the whole family is generally happy to jump in wherever the school needs help.

Fro is currently a principal software engineer at Intuit. Before discovering joy in code, he started his professional life estimating greenhouse gas emissions for the EPA. Originally from Philadelphia, Fro moved to San Francisco in 1994 (before the dot-com gold rush, so he feels slightly more legit as a Bay Area resident). He studied math/economics at Wesleyan, computer science at Cal, and is a true believer in a liberal arts education. Fro and his family currently live in the Excelsior, leaving little excuse for ever being late to SFS.