Inside SFS

Baljeet Singh

Member, Finance Committee
Parent of 1st Grader

Baljeet Singh is a Vice President of Product Management at Livongo, a health-care startup focused on improving the health of people with diabetes. Prior to Livongo, Baljeet worked at YouTube and Twitter building out video and ads products. At YouTube, in one of his roles, he was the head of Education and Family Entertainment, where he helped to get educational videos into the classroom and laid the foundation for the YouTube Kids app. In a prior life he was a 4th Grade substitute teacher in Durham, NC. He holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and a Computer Science degree from the Duke School of Engineering.

Baljeet enjoys hip hop and international music, hiking and biking, and preferably sharing those interests with his wife of 10 years, Raveena Rihal and sons Raza (North Class Kindergarten) and Sartaaj. You will see him in the carpool lane every morning dropping off Raza. He currently serves on the Finance Committee.