Jessica Camacho

I am thrilled to work with a community of educators and professionals whose values closely align with mine.

As a member of the Advancement team at SFS I like that I get to interact with families, students, teachers, and staff. I appreciate learning about school administration through such an engaging role. I grew up in Santa Ana and received my B.A. from Wellesley College in Massachusetts. I spent four meaningful years on the East Coast but ultimately the sunny weather and my family drew me back closer to home. The day after graduation I was on a flight to Phoenix where I joined Teach For America and taught third grade in the West Valley. I learned a lot about public education through the lens of a charter school. Now I’m back in my home state this time understanding what it means to live and thrive in an area that facing lots of change. I’m grateful that SFS provides multiple perspectives for students and staff to understand the globalized world we live in.

When I’m not at work you can find me exploring San Francisco and the Peninsula during peak sunny hours. 

415.239.5065 ext. 107