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Cells, Atoms, Isotopes...Oh My!

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7th and 8th Grade students participated in the annual SFS science tradition of building detailed cell and atom models - this year with more options and chances for specialization!

This week was the culmination of a beloved yearly 7th and 8th Grade science project, building detailed 3D models of cells and atoms. As is the case every year, 8th Graders chose a specific atom, designed a model showing the atomic structure (including protons, neutrons, and electrons), and built it. The model was required to be free-standing and show creativity, and this year students were given the additional option to construct isotopes and/or ions, which differ in the number of neutrons and electrons, respectively. This model served as the final assessment for their unit on atomic structure. 

7th Graders designed and built models of their choice of specialized cells, ranging from bacterial cells, bone cells, and viruses - just to name a few! This model had to be free-standing as well, and had to contain a key explaining the model and the function of at least seven cell organelles (with exceptions depending on the type of specialized cells). This project was also the final assessment for a unit on cellular structure. 

Both 7th and 8th Grades also worked with the Flipgrid app to create presentations to share their models. We always hear that the models get better and better each year, as students gain inspiration and ideas from the class before them - we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next year!

Posted December 13, 2017