Inside SFS

Ned Devereux ’05

Ned Devereux ’05 spent nearly five years as an investment associate at Bridgewater Associates, a global macro hedge fund in Connecticut. Now returning to the West Coast and moving to a hedge fund in Los Angeles, he remembers, “SFS always felt like it was my kind of place. I don’t have any of those ‘dreading school’ memories - I remember it being genuinely fun on a day-to-day basis.”

Devereux loved math above all other subjects during his SFS years, and took that love to Lick-Wilmerding and Dartmouth, growing more and more fascinated with how economics and macro-economies worked. He credits SFS with helping him become a more confident, independent learner, focused on understanding things deeply rather than being satisfied with a list of facts, and highly competitive while still living by memorable lessons from all the way back in preschool: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

“Many of my best friends come from SFS,” Devereux recalls. “I always really loved the added closeness of all the families knowing each other - I think that’s partially why some of the relationships have lasted so well, despite my living on the East Coast for so many years (and living near Colton Pate ’05 in New York City for 4+ years after college). I still come home and can hang with them without missing a beat.”

Posted October 31, 2018