We Wish You Love

Karen’s Goodbye Song

Taken from I WISH YOU LOVE 
Music: Charles Trenet/ New Lyrics by Doug Goodkin

Good bye, No use trying to pretend. This is where our story ends
Not just colleagues, also friends.
Good bye. Let our hearts call it a day. But before you walk away,
We sincerely want to say.

We wish you leisure out on the lake,
So much time for art to make,
A bike to ride, a hike to take,
We wish you love. 

No more ordering school art supplies,
Each day can be a new surprise
Your days as fresh as a sunrise,
We wish you love.

At 42, we all agree, We wish that you’d do 43,
But with our best, our very best, We set you free.

And while we grieve that you are gone
You might be trekking in Bhutan
Instead of walking the walkathon.
We wish you love.


No more report forms for weeks on end,
You can be lunching with a friend,
Or traveling back to see Gee’s Bend
We wish you love.

A brand new list of things to do
You will be missed, we’ll cry boo-hoo
And so to you we bid adieu,
We wish you love.

42 years is quite a lot, We are thankful for what we got,
So when you go, make sure you know, We love you so. 

We know you’ll miss the swell old bunch,
But not as much as Patty’s lunch.
Say your goodbyes, with teary eyes,
We wish you love.