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Third Grade Returns to Heron’s Head Park

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Third Graders engaged in field laboratory work at Heron’s Head as part of their Bay Ecosystems curriculum.

By Laura Burges, Third Grade Teacher
Photos by Jalen Allen ’08, 2nd & 3rd Grade Assistant Teacher

The Third Graders have been investigating Bay Ecosystems. We’ve learned about the plants and animals around the Bay, and how they are related, through food chains and webs. The students have studied bay birds and have made posters of plants and animals that can be seen in the wetlands.

To follow up our classroom study, it was wonderful to return to Heron’s Head Park, which has become an outdoor laboratory for our young scientists. We toured the park, did some bird watching, and collected water from the bay so we could look at microorganisms under microscopes. Students were amazed to see how much life there is in the water that is invisible to the naked eye!  

Using model wetlands, the students demonstrated how wetlands provide oxygen and habitat, and how they protect the Bay from erosion, flooding, and pollution.


Our guides were impressed with our students’ prior knowledge and it was fun to spot some of the plants and animals we have been studying in class. If you visit Heron’s Head, make sure to look for the Third Graders’ posters that we donated to the center!

Posted October 15, 2018