Teachers choose The San Francisco School because it offers academic freedom and leadership opportunities; inspires and supports professional growth; and is an energetic, passionate and inclusive community.

Teachers are chosen to work at The San Francisco School based on their professional experience and promise; their understanding of teaching, learning and disciplinary content; their match with the core school values of diversity, mutual respect, creativity, courage, and social responsibility; and their commitment to grow in their practice as teachers.

The actual selection process includes interviews, school visits, reference checks, and sample teaches. Interview committees generally include an administrator, other teachers, and a member of the Board Diversity Committee, who is often a parent.

New teachers are welcomed to the School through a new faculty orientation; often spend time with the teacher who they are replacing; guided by curriculum outlines and school-developed teaching materials; and mentored by experienced faculty members. In recruitment and hiring, The San Francisco School is committed to policies that will increase staff diversity, both to reflect the high value SFS places on a multicultural understanding, and for the direct benefit of each student.

All teachers participate in an ongoing professional development program. Teachers reflect, attend workshops, and do independent research. The School provides stipends for mentors, reimbursements for coursework, honorariums for summer work, and sabbaticals for extended study. Teachers hone their practice looking at current research, at their own instructional approach, and at student work.

Interested candidates for teaching and administrative positions are welcome to submit resumes at any time.

Current Openings