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Zero and Low Waste Lunch at SFS

Guidelines for a Zero and Low Waste Lunch

By using fewer resources and reducing our needs for landfill we can help to conserve wild spaces, reduce the need for petroleum, protect watersheds, help keep the air cleaner, and begin to tackle issues of environmental inequity.

Pack (with all items labeled)…

Waste-free/Low-waste Lunch
  • Lunches in reusable /recyclable/ compost friendly containers
  • Drinks in a thermos or reusable/recyclable container
  • A cloth napkin
  • Reusable utensils when needed
  • A reusable lunchbox or backpack


A Disposable Lunch
  • Lunches packed in plastic bags (even waxed paper baggie is better, as it can be composted)
  • Prepackaged lunches
  • Prepackaged single-serve lunch items
  • Disposable drink boxes and pouches (even recyclable container is better than cardboard/foil/plastic laminate that must go to land fill.)
  • Disposable forks and spoons

Here are few suggestions for making it work:

  • Have a meeting with your child to set up routine and make sure everyone is clear on what kind of packaging and quantities are appropriate.
  • If you don’t do so already, try packing lunches the night before and storing them in the refrigerator overnight. Make your children responsible for placing their own lunchbox near the door or in the car.
  • Teach your older children to take responsibility for making their own nutritious waste-free lunch.
  • Be sure to monitor food quantities, children often throw away unopened or barely touched foods.
  • Cut up fruits and vegetables and pack them in reusable containers. Then children can eat some at snack and save the rest for later.
  • Avoid buying drinks in packaging that cannot be resealed. Many children take just a few sips at snack time and discard the rest. ($$$ Ouch!)
  • Older children can take responsibility for washing their reusable containers or rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher.
  • Children of all ages can take responsibility for putting recyclables in the recycle bin and compostables in the compost.

Please remember that sodas, candy and fast food items are not appropriate for lunch. We also ask that lunches not contain peanut products out of respect for our students with life-threatening allergies.

Information and some wording gathered from: Check out their website for more ideas.

Posted August 02, 2016