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8th Graders assume the (online) identities of famous Black mathematicians

The intellectual and historic contributions of Black mathematicians have been significant but largely unsung. The 8th graders (taught by Jiazhen Zhang, 8th Grade Math Teacher and Middle School Math Coordinator) were tasked with researching and assuming the identity of an accomplished Black mathematician‚Ķ and then creating their social media profiles!

This Black History Month, at the intersection of math, empathy, creativity, and current events, students imaginatively engaged in the lives of these great academics. Scroll down to see some of the Instagram accounts of famous Black mathematicians.

Caroline, as Euphemia Lofton HaynesCaroline, as Euphemia Lofton Haynes

Mason, as John UrschelMason, as John Urschel

Nadine, as Annie EasleyNadine, as Annie Easley

Sammy, as Gladys WestSammy, as Gladys West

Arlo, as Jesse Wilkins, Jr.Arlo, as Jesse Wilkins, Jr.

Danny, as Emery N. BrownDanny, as Emery N. Brown

Lucy, as Vivienne Malone MayesLucy, as Vivienne Malone Mayes

Posted February 26, 2021