Inside SFS

Snuller Price

Parent of 5th and 8th Grader

Snuller is a Senior Partner at Energy + Environmental Economics, where he has been for 25 years. He has held a lifelong passion for energy and the environment. He is working with several state governments including California on long-term pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to sustainable levels and is an expert in renewable energy and energy efficiency policy and economics.

He is a consensus builder, and has made his career by designing new process and policy that results in good decision-making and fundamental economics.  Whether it is helping to raise his children, or charting a course to mitigate climate change, he is thinking about the long term. He brings the same long-term thinking and sustainability mindset to the SFS board. After serving his first year on the Advancement Committee, Snu is now sharing his talents with the Site Committee.

Snu’s wife, Erika Price, is a doctor at the SF Veteran’s Hospital and UCSF.  They and their sons enjoy tinkering in the basement, dance parties, sports, and enjoying their neighborhood.