School Life

The Kitchen

We cook a kid-friendly, hearty lunch for the Preschool and Elementary children, prepared from scratch and made with love.

A goal of our lunch program is to introduce the children to a variety of healthy home-cooked meals, and to tempt the pickier eaters who watch the other kids raising their hands for more.

After we prepare lunch in the kitchen, teachers and student helpers bring the food back to their classrooms to eat together family-style.*

Over the years we have become much more aware and selective about where our food comes from. We buy our eggs, vegetables, and fruit from Veritable Vegetable – a San Francisco based, woman-owned business that works to improve the sustainable food system by supporting organic farmers. Our beef and pork comes from Niman Ranch where the animals are humanely raised on sustainable farms and given no antibiotics. Our organic milk is from Clover Farms, certified humane family farms in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Each week we order fruit that is recommended as the most delicious and seasonal.

One highlight each day is talking with the Kindergarten students who come to the kitchen to learn the day’s menu. Once they hear it from us they return to class to write it with their best guess spelling and report back to their friends.

The kitchen door is always open and parents/guardians are always welcome to stop in the kitchen to take a look and say hello!

Happy eating,

Anne and Gaby (with help from Diana)

*Due to increased health & safety protocols during the pandemic, we switched from family-style meals to individual servings.