Learning Resources

Technology Services

Whether it’s filming each other narrating original TED talks in Sixth Grade or making a stop-motion animation film in Spanish, students at SFS use technology in creative and imaginative ways.

All Middle School and Elementary School classrooms are equipped with projectors, document cameras, and wireless access, allowing teachers to show content that brings concepts to life and deepens understanding. Students can also project their work to share in class.

Our 1-to-1 iPad program in the Middle School provides an iPad and keyboard case for each student to use at school and at home. They might type poems and essays in Humanities, create spreadsheets and charts in Math and Science, and create presentations to illustrate their ideas and conclusions.

In Elementary, Fourth and Fifth Grade students have an iPad and keyboard case to use at school. A typical Fifth Grade project might be students watching a real-time image of the Sun and mapping sunspots in order to calculate how long it takes to turn on its axis. Along with writing and research, students in Fourth Grade might have collaborative online discussion groups to discuss the books they’re reading.

iPads are available to teachers in lower Elementary grades for projects as needed. For example, students in First Grade might use an iPad to take a photograph of their work and record their thoughts about it, creating a digital portfolio.