Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees focuses on long-range goals and plans, hiring and evaluating the Head of School, policy considerations, and fiscal management; including budgeting and fundraising.

The Board is comprised of 25 trustees including parents/ guardians, faculty, the Head of School and external community members. External members often include alumni, alumni parents or administrators from other local independent schools. Faculty members serve two-year terms and all other members join for at least one three-year term. Parents and staff also often serve on Board Committees.

Board of Trustees 2016-2017


  • Ellen Fey,Chair
  • Jim Macksood, Vice Chair, Chair, Committee on Trustees


  • Marian Baldauf,  Parent
  • Lora Blum, Parent
  • Rich Brown, Parent
  • James Bustamante, Parent
  • Logan Campbell, Faculty
  • Jeanie Chang, Parent
  • Ruth Chang Hess, Parent
  • Thor Denmark, Parent
  • Dee Desmond, Educator / Parent of Alum
  • Julia Eells, Educator
  • Steve Holman, Parent
  • Anton Honikman, Parent
  • Neil Kaye, Parent
  • Gabe Lucas, Class of ’87
  • Jim Macksood, Parent
  • Cathy Manshel, Parent
  • Steve Morris, Head of School
  • Jabari Magnus, Parent
  • Anne Hipskind Roberts, Parent
  • Fro Rosqueta, Parent
  • Tiphani Russell, Teacher
  • Luke Spray, Portola Neighborhood Association 
  • Elyse Wolland,  Teacher
  • Mina Zargham, Class of ’03