School Life

An SFS Dictionary

We have a unique vocabulary here at The San Francisco School. Here are some of the terms that define life at SFS.

  • Crickets & Grasshoppers

    Crickets & Grasshoppers

    /ˈkrikits ənd ˈɡrasˌhäpərs/

    In our two Preschool/Kindergarten classes, the different age groups are given animal names to help make it easier for the children. The youngest students in the school, our three-year-old Preschool students, are called Grasshoppers in the South Class and Crickets in the North Class.

  • Gong Up

    Gong Up

    /ɡäNG əp/

    The school year for Elementary and Middle School students is bookended by opening and closing ceremonies that close with the ringing of a gong. The closing ceremony is the “gong up” ceremony that marks the passage of the students to the next grade and the graduation of the Eighth Graders.

  • Green Top

    Green Top

    /ɡrēn täp/

    Along with the Adventure Playground, the Green Top is the place to play and hang out before and after school and during recess with plenty of room to run.

  • Hug & High-Five Line

    Hug & High-Five Line

    /həɡ līn/

    On the last day of school, Elementary and Middle School teachers and the graduating Eighth Graders line up to offer a goodbye hug, high-five, or handshake to students as they leave for the summer.

  • Mud Pies

    Mud Pies

    /məd pī/

    On the last day of school each child gets a mud pie (ice cream, crushed oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream) - but before they do, they must sing the song to pass the test…no laughing while the music teachers do everything they can to get a chuckle!

  • Proteus



    The Proteus Project is a culminating unit for the Sixth Grade Humanities class. Students choose any topic they want to research more closely, from the language of animals to the Battle of Normandy. The final part of the project is the Proteus Fair in which every student shares their knowledge and answers questions from the community.

  • Singing Time

    Singing Time

    /ˈsɪngeng taim/

    There is singing going on all the time at SFS, but Singing Time is a time when all Elementary students come together to sing in the music room every day after they eat lunch, just before bounding out for recess.

  • Snack Shack

    Snack Shack

    /snak SHak/

    The Snack Shack is a hub of activity at Middle School recesses. Run by the Student Council and operated by students, it is a place where students can buy a snack or a drink and support the Student Council initiatives.

  • Soup Day

    /so͞op dā/

    The wonderful chefs in our Kitchen cook delicious, healthy meals from scratch for our Preschool/Kindergarten and Elementary children. Every Tuesday is Soup Day - from minestrone to black bean, split pea to Greek lemon. Each soup is served with salad, corn bread, and cheese.