Middle School

The San Francisco School is a supportive and exciting place to be a Middle School student.

The Middle School years are a time of tremendous growth - increasing the rigor and depth of academics, developing strategies for organization and study skills, searching for one’s own identity and role in society, and defining personal values and goals. The Middle School curriculum offers a balanced program that develops academic skills, strengthens critical thinking, and builds self-awareness and advocacy to set up our graduates for success in high school and beyond.

Differentiated Instruction

The Middle School program meets students where they are - from a range of options on projects to differentiated class placements. One highlight is the Spanish program, which offers multiple proficiency levels ranging from Beginning to Advanced.

Student Support

In addition to the grade-level teaching team, which meets once a week, each student is supported by an advisor who meets weekly with a small group of students. Students also work in groups with the School Counselor and Middle School Learning Specialist for social and study skills and can consult them individually for additional support. Beginning in the Spring of the 7th Grade year, families are supported in the high school application process.

Beyond the Classroom

Each spring the 6th and 7th Graders travel together for an outdoor trip with a science and social program - returning with stronger bonds with their classmates and teachers. The 8th Grade year culminates in a spring trip to the South, focusing on the civil rights movement.


The Middle School program provides each student with an iPad which they can use at school and take home. Students use the devices for reading, writing, managing their schedule, and to create a variety of different presentations, movies, and projects.

Basic Information

School Hours: 8:30am - 3:45pm

“The Middle School program taught me what is important as a student and also as a citizen of the world.” — SFS Student